February/March 2021
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Welcome to our Online Program Guide

Dear Wood Dale Residents;
Park Districts were formed to bring people together and to create places to gather and play. This unfolded first when pieces of land became places to congregate in the center of towns, and events were planned that people could enjoy when their work was done. Over 100 years ago playgrounds were built in these places to allow kids to play and exercise while their families met their neighbors.

As far back as 1880, Community Centers were built to house meetings and programs. We owe the progression of this concept in part to Mary Parker Follett (1868-1933), who saw community centers as playing a major part in her concept of community development and democracy seen through individuals organizing themselves into neighborhood groups and attending to people’s needs, desires, and aspiration.
She also included parks in this category. In Wood Dale, some wise folks formed the Park District in 1967 and since then we continue the vision of those that came before us by providing places to play and congregate.

On March 16 the Park District suspended operations due to COVID-19. Since then the staff and board have made the safety and health of participants and staff their top priority. This precipitated the birth of virtual programming which allowed us to engage with our customers in a different way. Slowly, as guidelines became available and the State moves into new phases we have adapted, and we are gradually returning to our normal operation. The one thing we have learned is that this process isn’t perfect. In fact, it’s challenging.

We are balancing our desire to reconnect with our customers and open our doors with the necessity to keep all of you safe. Sometimes we try things that don’t work, but we do assure you that our goal is to find the balance between providing programs and spaces and doing it safely. As we adapt to life in Phase 4 of the “Restore Illinois” plan, we ask for your patience. At the beginning of April, over 70 part-time and seasonal staff were furloughed. This means that our full-time and a few part-time staff are doing the work of many. We have a financial responsibility to manage your assets wisely, and that is what we are doing.

We won’t call back staff until it is financially feasible. We are happy to present to you programs for the months of November and December. Since the future is so uncertain, we are breaking down our seasonal program guides into two-month increments. This allows us to continuously stay abreast of changes at the state and national level, and also eliminates the need for constant modification of programming which can end up being confusing and frustrating for you, our customers.

Virtual programs will remain a part of our programming, so stay tuned for things you can do from home. However, for those of you who are ready to get together in-person, we have opportunities for you too. So much has changed in our world, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our passion for and enjoyment of creating quality activities and fun places to play.

Thank you to our Virtual Program Sponsor, Itasca Bank. 
We can’t wait to see you. Until then, stay safe!   

- Matthew Ellmann, CPRP
Executive Director

green canoe beside body of water

Thank you to our Virtual Program Sponsor,
Itasca Bank and Trust

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Youth Athletics

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Di Bella Dance

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Fitness Studio

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Adult & Senior Programs

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Salt Creek Golf Club

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COVID-19 Updates

To learn more about how we are protecting our community and staff during this time, click below. 

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